Rudra Saraswat

About me

Hi, I’m Rudra Saraswat, a 14 y.o. tech nerd who loves to develop for Linux, maintains a homelab and uses Ubuntu and Arch. I’m an official Ubuntu member and the Creator and Project Leader of Ubuntu Unity (an official Ubuntu flavor), blendOS, Ubuntu Web, UbuntuEd, Gamebuntu and the other projects listed in the Projects section below. I love playing the musical instrument Tabla and I’m a Tabla Graduate (Bhaskar). I also love swimming, playing Lawn Tennis and Snooker.


My Projects

Refer to The Register’s article at for a brief overview of my projects.

No.Project NameMore Information
1blendOSDescription: blendOS is an operating system that supports applications from Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, Debian, Fedora and Alma/Rocky Linux, as well as Android apps through the F-Droid and Aurora Store (though you can also install the Google Play Store manually), and web apps in Electron through the blendOS web store (with support for native APIs being added in the near future).

blendOS’s website:

Some press coverage of blendOS: (magazine)
2Ubuntu Unity
The original Ubuntu Discourse thread
3Ubuntu Web
4Unity7 (top trend on r/linux when I released it, with 120k requests on the release day)
5Unity for ArchUnity 7.6 ported to Arch Linux.
6unaThis a client for the MPR or makedeb Package Repository, which is analogous to Arch Linux’s AUR but is for Ubuntu/Debian. Repo is at –
9Ubuntu RemixesThis project allows for the creation of new Ubuntu-based distributions. Ubuntu Unity, Ubuntu Cinnamon and Ubuntu Web Remixes use it. (
10UnityXThis is the future successor to Unity7 –
12lolThis is an alternative server for Ubuntu Snap Store –

Sessions and streams

  1. I was interviewed by Kailash Nadh, CTO of Zerodha at IndiaFOSS Conference held in July 2022 (,
  2. Gave a talk on immutability and atomicity in Linux distributions at IIT Mandi on Sep 9, 2023 –
  3. Gave a talk on immutable Linux systems at IndiaFOSS 3.0 in Bangalore on 29 Oct 2023 (,
  4. Sponsored invitee at the Ubuntu Summit 2023 to be held in Riga, Latvia on 3-5 November 2023
  5. Sponsored invitee and speaker at the Ubuntu Summit 2022 held in Prague, Czech Republic on 7-9th November 2022 –,,
  6. Sponsored invitee and speaker at the Ubucon Asia Conference held in Seoul, South Korea on 26-27th November 2022 –
  7. I kicked off Ubuntu’s events at FOSDEM (one of the biggest open source developer events in Europe) in Feb, 2022 and gave talks on my projects (
  8. I was a Speaker at last year’s Ubucon Asia Conference (
  9. I am a host on Ubuntu’s official channel – Ubuntu OnAir (,
  10. I was interviewed by niccolove of the KDE Plasma team in May 2022 –
  11. I was interviewed by Destination Linux Network’s Front Page Linux in July 2020 –
  12. Attended the DebConf 2023 at Kochi (Sep’2023) –

News coverage of my projects

No.News sourceArticles
5The Register
7Linux for Everyone
8Destination Linux Network (Front Page Linux)
9The Linux Experiment
16It’s FOSS
19Full Circle Magazine